Week 14: State of Mind

What is your state of mind?

I often question myself, why I feel a particular way. At the end I just point the fingers at myself. That constantly puts me in a terrible state of mind. Then I realized, how you feel is entirely in your own hands. You can control it because it is your life. And choose to be happy and optimistic.


1. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder


Price: USD36.00 / CAD44.00

Links: Make Up For Ever, Sephora


  • Extremely finely milled powder that melts into your base
  • Silky texture that instantly mattifies your base without looking flat
  • You get a lot of product
  • Gives you a photoshopped, airbrushed look
  • Translucent (universal shade for everyone)


  • Flashback with flash photography
  • Messy packaging

Why it made it to my BotW: Digging out some products that have I have not displayed on my vanity, and found this sucker. I used to love this and use it every day until I wanted extra coverage with my power. I like using this on days where I’m already wearing a high coverage foundation!


2. Labiotte Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD03 Merlot Burgundy

Left: 2 swatches, Right: 1 swatch
After removing it with micellar water and a cotton pad


Price: USD22.00 / CAD30.00



  • Amazing staining ability
  • Can easily be layered from a light tint, to an opaque lip gloss
  • Smells like wine!!
  • Perfect applicator
  • Cute wine bottle packaging
  • Stain lasts ~ 4 hours


  • Gets very patchy when you start layering

Why it made it to my BotW: YSL Glossy Stains are my favourites when it comes to lip stains, but one of my biggest complains is that they shades are very limited to reds, pinks, and corals. I can never find a good berry shade. This Korean brand offers a decent stain that comes in beautiful darker shades.


3. Make Up For Ever Brow Gel in 30


Price: USD23.00 / CAD25.00

Links: Make Up For Ever, Sephora


  • Last all day
  • Great packaging with easy to use squeezy tube and tiny opening
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to apply with a good brush


  • Product separates in the tube so make sure to shake it up or mix it up

Why it made it to my BotW: One of the few products I like that gives a “defined brow”. I don’t usually go for that look, but when I do, this is what I reach for. Reliable that lasts all day, and shade 30 goes perfect with my dark brown asian hair.


4. Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Eye Cream


Price: CAD36.00

Links: Consonant


  • A Canadian brand!
  • Easy to use pump
  • A tiny bit goes a long way
  • Light, blendable eye cream that is organic
  • No scent!
  • Absorbs quickly so it’s great to use under makeup


  • Product sometimes separates so always give it a shake
  • Not widely available

Why it made it to my BotW: I don’t like to pack on my skincare in the summer like I do in the winter. It makes my skin feel congested even though they are not. Eye creams are no different. A light weight eye cream during the day is a lifesaver. It makes you feel awake throughout the day and keeps your eye makeup in tact!


5. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in Monogram


Price: USD205.00 / CAD245.00

Links: Louis Vuitton


  • Super versatile
    • I use this when I want to combine my compact wallet and my Louis Vuitton Key Holder!
  • The monogram canvas make it durable
  • Easy to use zipper and clip
  • Holds credit cards, coins, keys, and lipsticks


  • Price

Why it made it to my BotW: I just love this SLG so much! There’s not a day where I don’t look back and be happy about this purchase. It’s one of my most used SLG, whether I use it as a wallet plus key holder, or a clip on coin pouch on my Longchamp bags!


6. No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande

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