San Diego Edition: Top 5 Attractions

No discrimination, all love here,  so in no particular order…

Balboa Park – Japanese Friendship Garden

Evening shot of the garden

Type of Attraction: Garden

Estimated time spent: 30 – 45 minutes

Estimated cost: USD27-USD99 (depending on what type of pass you purchase)

Why? It is located inside the Balboa Park, and works as one of your attractions included in the passes they sell. It’s like walking into an enclosed area of Japan, Japanese architecture, plantations, and decors. If you like Japanese culture, then this is a must visit for you. It’s an educational experience, as you walk around this beautiful garden.


Balboa Park – Air and Space Museum

air space
Air and Space

Type of Attraction: Museum

Estimated time spent: 1 hour – 1.5 hour

Estimated cost: USD27-USD99 (depending on what type of pass you purchase)

Why? It’s great for both kids and adults! I don’t see a lot of air and space museum around when I travel, and to be quite frank, I’m not a big space person. But the San Diego Air and Space Museum really breaks down all the fundamentals, concepts, how aircrafts work and how they categorize, all you need is curiosity! It has an indoor section, and a smaller outdoor section which is neat. They also have free 3D shows for you to watch and learn. The staffs here are full of knowledge.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

balboa zoo
San Diego Zoo

Type of Attraction: Zoo

Estimated time spent: 3 hours – 5 hours

Estimated cost: USD50.00

Why? One of the few zoos that let animals run free, and I’m not talking about dogs and cats, I’m talking about species you can’t pronounce. The zoo doesn’t has fancy trails, or anything fancy, it gives a wildlife vibe. You will be walking on dirt road. I love how they have sight seeing busses that can take you around!


Old Town San Diego

old town
Old Town Vibes

Type of Attraction: Sight seeing

Estimated time spent: 1 hour – 3 hours

Estimated cost: USD0.00

Why? A great spot to get a vibe of San Diego. It’s an older part of the city, with buildings looking like they have a good amount of years on them. There are so many things to do here – food, shopping, bars, dessert, theatre, etc. It’s a nice to take a stroll and snap some photos.


SeaWorld San Diego


Type of Attraction: Theme park

Estimated time spent: 3 hours – 4 hours

Estimated cost: USD60.00

Why? I love theme parks, and I go to them all the time. Canada doesn’t have SeaWorld, so it’s really a must go whenever I visit a city with SeaWorld. it’s a great park with lots of rides and shows. The times for the shows aren’t too few, so everyone can get a chance to see.


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