Week 11: Heatwave

Oh sun, how much I needed you during the winter. You are finally here and I am sure taking full advantage of it.

That tanned, slightly baked look is one of my favourites, although not many Asians can agree with me on that. I have always been a fan of getting a nice tan and dusting some bronzer over the face. This week was all about that tanned, bronzey glow, and I am loving it.


1. YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick in 62

Left: one swipe, Right: two swipes

Price: USD37.00 / CAD43.00

Links: YSL Beauty, Sephora


  • Moisturizing, comfortable, does not need a balm under the product
  • Very shiny, pretty colour payoff
  • Beautiful packaging, actual metal instead of plastic
  • Smells/tastes like mangoes!!!
  • Lasts ~3 hours, which is amazing for a shiny lipstick


  • None

Why it made it to my BotW: It is no secret that I am the biggest sucker for YSL lipsticks. I have a small-ish collection of each of their different lippie lines. I don’t know how YSL does it, but they perfect lip products. This shade is my perfect go to shade with a slight baked base. It’s pink from the tube, but looks pink-ish nude when applied on bronzed skin.


2. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil (Medium to Deep)


Price: USD30.00 / CAD38.00

Links: Too Faced, Sephora


  • The most blendable, natural looking bronzer I have ever used (and I am a bronzer addict)
  • Smells like chocolate…..
  • Creamy, soft formula that is fool proof with the right brush
  • Offers 3 different shades
  • Can also be used as contour for certain skin tones
  • Gorgeous, magnetic packaging with a huge mirror


  • None

Why it made it to my BotW: I currently have 5 bronzers in my “daily makeup” vanity on rotation, and I have been reaching out to this one every day for the past 2 weeks. That says somethings right? It just gives the right amount of bronze, while looking like I came back from the beach. Yes to all that.


3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed


Price: USD29.00 / CAD38.00

Links: Tarte Cosmetics, Sephora


  • Lasts 10 hours +
  • Super bendable over powder
  • Product lasts forever
  • Compact, with a mirror. Great for travelling.
  • Packaging tells you exactly what shade you are using (great when you own multiple of these in different shades)
  • Gives that “maybe you are, maybe you’re not blushing” look


  • None

Why it made it to my BotW: I have been a sucker for Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes since I got into makeup. Their formulation is hands down #1 for me. They offer so many shades that you can find one to go well with any skin tone, and look. I never thought I’d wear a nude, brown-ish blush, but Exposed has changed my mind completely. You can probably tell from how much I have used it.


4. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel


Price: USD27.00/CAD35.00


Links: Sephora, Ulta


  • Light weight moisturizer for the summer
  • It absorbs almost instantly, making it perfect for under makeup
  • Affordable (compared to other mid-high end skin care products)
  • Easy to use pump with a light, travel friendly plastic packaging
  • Gentle and comfortable on the skin


  • None

Why it made it to my BotW: I have gone through bottles and bottles of this, since when I was in high school. It never fails me to be a good, staple skin care product in my collection. I appreciate Clinique for not increasing the price, knowing that there are many die hard fans of this product.


5. Links of London Sweetie Charm Bracelet


Price (for just bracelet): USD245.00 / CAD295.00

Price (for each charm): USD80.00/CAD105.00

Links: Links of London


  • Not a typical feminine bracelet
  • Looks great with or without charms
  • Does not feel obligated to fill up the entire bracelet with charms
  • Customizable
    • You an take out hoops or add more hoops to adjust however you want your bracelet to look
  • Adorable charms


  • Heavy
  • Must go into the store to rearrange, add, or take out any charms

Why it made it to my BotW: A very unique bracelet that I always get asked about. It’s an Iconic British brand, so you’ll get a different feel from Pandora. Always exceptional service at the store, and love their charm selections.

6. Heatwave – Robin Schulz ft. Akon


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