Los Angeles Edition: Top 5 Attractions

LA, where The Chainsmokers live, where fairytales lie. I like California a lot, although not as much as Florida, but we got to admit that dry heat is definitely better than humid heat. I have been to Los Angeles twice, enough to write a small blog post on some of my favourite places!


Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Type of Attraction: Beach, Shopping, Food

Estimated time spent: 3 – 5 hours

Estimated cost: Depends

Why? Don’t get upset, technically this is not a part of LA, but it is close enough to stop by. An uber ride to Santa Monica is less than USD35.00, does that sound more convincing? It’s a small town with Santa Monica Free Wifi in the city. It makes you feel like a Hollywood Celebrity walking down the roads, sandwiched by trees, stores, extremely attractive people, and the heatwave. There’s the pier and the beach for a nice tan, tons of froyo stores, and enough shopping for the day!

Griffith Park

Discover LA

Type of Attraction: Sight Seeing, Museum/Observatory

Estimated time spent: 1 – 2 hours

Estimated cost: USD3.00-7.00

Why? Breath taking view to see the Hollywood sign, the sun rise and sun set, and to visit the famous Griffith Observatory. They set up stations outside the observatory for visitors to observe the sky, with professionals at each station answering any questions you have!

Universal Studios Hollywood

Travel for senses

Type of Attraction: Theme Park

Estimated time spent: 6 – 8 hours

Estimated cost: ~USD120.00

Why? I love it here in Hollywood, they do it right, and you need about a day to visit this place! It’s clean, neat, easy to navigate, and FUN! I had a blast here, thanks to the rides, the friendly staff, and the themes within the park. Plenty of chances to take photos with the characters you like. They display the exact wait time for each ride, and offer themed foods in each section. The Universal CityWalk is also a must go for dessert or food!


Hollywood Boulevard


Type of Attraction: Sight seeing, Food

Estimated time spent: 1 – 3 hours

Estimated cost: Depends

Why? You haven’t been to LA unless you visit Hollywood Boulevard! There’s the Wax Museum, the Chinese Theatre, the Dolby Theatre, etc. Instagram worthy, amazing night life, and so much to do here. I can spend half a day here just visiting each store, taking selfies, and hopefully bump into someone famous!


Warner Bros. Studio

Leisure Group Travel

Type of Attraction: Museum, Tours

Estimated time spent: 2 – 3 hours

Estimated cost: ~USD65.00

Why? As a big fan of Conan O’Brien and Ellen Degeneres, a tour at where they shoot their show and where they work is a dream come true! You see how many movies and shows are set up, how they prop things, and many behind the scenes. Love the tours that Warner Bros. offer.


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