Review: Chanel Ballerina Flats in Black Lambskin and Patent Calfskin

Price: CAD830.00/USD790.00

Where can I get it? Chanel

Best for those who:

  • Want a pair of staples to up their outfit a ton
  • Classic, timeless pair of flats

Product Range: 5/5

  • It comes in many styles, leather, and colour
  • Offers seasonal styles as well

Wear and Tear: 4.5/5

  • The wear and tear has been better than I can ever imagine
  • No scruff on the patent leather
  • Slight wrinkles on the lamb skin, which is expected
  • I have resoled the heels at a cobbler for these beautiful flats to last even longer
  • No obvious scratch marks




Product Practicality: 3/5

  • To some, these are just a pair of basic flats, and not even worth paying 1/10 of the price
  • I find it looking extremely well with skinny jeans, skirts, and dress pants
  • Very comfortable for office wear
  • Not suitable for long walks (>half a day) due to the delicate leather and patent toe restriction

Other comments: 4/5

  • The sole is not cushioned, so some might find it too hard and not comfortable to walk on
  • The design of the small opening on the top makes feet look smaller than they are
  • Classic, timeless piece that can last you decades

Overall: 4/5

I want to add more of these Chanel Ballerinas to my collection, despite their price tag, and being not the most comfortable flats I have in my current collection. The look and the style itself says enough. I feel sophisticated with any Chanel piece, and this will not be the end of it!

Similar Products:

  • Chloe Black Lauren Ballerina Flats
    • More comfortable with larger opening and cushioned soles
    • Significantly more affordable
    • Only comes in sheepskin and suede leather, with no seasonal designs
  • Repetto Ballerinas
    • More colours to choose from
    • Significantly more affordable
    • Light weight and comfortable



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