Miami Edition: Top 5 Attractions

My favourite city in the USA! Excited to share my recommended attractions if you decided to pay this gorgeous city a visit.


South Beach


Type of Attraction: Beach, restaurants

Estimated time spent: 2 hours – half day

Estimated cost: USD0.00

Why? There is a reason why South Beach is famous globally. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and gives a vibe that no other beach has! It’s like you’re in Cuba, but not really. The view is amazing and the sun will definitely give you a nice tan. Check out the restaurants in the area and you might accidentally fall in love with Cuban food.

P.S. The features image at the top is the other side of the view from South Beach.

Zoo Miami

Trip Savvy

Type of Attraction: Zoo

Estimated time spent: 3 – 5 hours

Estimated cost: USD18.95 – 22.95

Why? I am a die hard zoo lover. Some say all zoos are the same, but I am one picky zoo visitor that have major preferences on zoos. I love animals and I love visiting them in different climates and areas. Zoo Miami stands out among many of the zoos I’ve visited. The way it’s designed and the exotic animals they have are worth a visit.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


Type of Attraction: Museum

Estimated time spent: 1 – 2 hours

Estimated cost: RMB6.00-18.00

Why? The architecture is amazing; nothing like the structure of a typical museum in the States. Its Mediterranean style makes you feel like you’re in a different continent. Many popular movies are also shot here, and you may recognize some scenes!


Key West

Trip Hobo


Type of Attraction: Sight seeing

Estimated time spent: Full day

Estimated cost: Depends

Why? Rent a car and drive down to Key West, you will not regret it. I can’t say I have travelled enough to see everything worth seeing, but this view is breath taking. There’s a reason why visitors wake up early to drive down the Key. Make sure to start heading down before 8:30AM to avoid hour long traffics! And of course, convertibles are recommended!


Everglades Alligator Farm

My Little Adventure

Type of Attraction: Tour

Estimated time spent: 1 – 2 hours

Estimated cost: USD14.50 – 27.00

Why? FL is known for their alligators, and you will possibly see alligators in the city in Miami. They are found at many places, and I find that extremely fascinating. A good way to learn more about them and have a closer look at them safely is touring with Everglades. It’s a quick, educational boat tour where you purchase your tickets at the location.


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Credit for Featured Image: Cavalier South Beach


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