Miami Edition: Top 5 Restaurants

It’s true, even after travelling to more than 30 cities in 8 countries, Miami is still my all time favourite city. It really is no surprise to me when I realized how deep I fell in love with Miami – I’m a sucker for beaches, patios, convertibles, and Mexican food, and Miami’s nailed them all. So this is a very special blog post, along with all the rest of the posts about Miami. It will always have a special place in my heart.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 restaurants in Miami. And as I re-visit Miami again and again, I will add more favourites to this list.



Ace K.
Damon D.

Website: Kush

Price Range: USD$15.00 – USD$30.00

Cuisine: American / Pubstyle

Attire: Casual | Dressy | Business Casual | Casual Elegant | Formal


  • Florida Alligator Bites (I will visit Kush simply for this dish every time I go to Miami)
  • Beers (W.O.W! You need to be there to know what I’m talking about – selection is so unique)
  • Awesome bartender!!!
  • Atmosphere (probably one of the most unique place I’ve been to)
  • Bar next door to wait to be seated


  • Most likely you will have to wait for 15 minutes or more

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant Kendall

Daisy D.
Norma G.

Website: Rancho Kendall

Price Range: USD$10.00 – USD$15.00

Cuisine: Mexican

Attire: Casual |Dressy | Business Casual | Casual Elegant | Formal


  • Mexican food will not get better than this
  • Price will not get better than this either (I would happily pay triple the price for such amazing food)
  • Quesadilla
  • Guacamole (they make Chipotle’s guac taste like a joke)
  • Enchiladas Suizas Con Pollo
  • Margaritas (O.M.G)
  • Beautiful patio decor


  • None

Prohibition Restaurant and Speakeasy

Candance S.

Website: Prohibition Miami

Price Range: USD$15.00 – USD$25.00

Cuisine: Lounge / American / Seafood

Attire: Casual | Dressy | Business Casual | Casual Elegant | Formal


  • Beautiful atmosphere, perfect for date nights
  • Open kitchen concept
  • Lobster Croquette
  • Seared Scallop
  • Lovely service


  • Not really a speakeasy (mis-leading name)


My own photo 🙂

Website: ALL DAY

Price Range: USD$10.00 – USD$15.00

Cuisine: Breakfast & Brunch / Cafe

Attire: Casual | Dressy | Business Casual | Casual Elegant | Formal


  • COFFEE or anything with caffeine in it
  • Parking is right outside the store
  • Avocado Tartine
  • Spacious layout
  • Relaxed, laid back; you can peacefully enjoy your coffee and a bite alone or with a friend without being bothered or risk getting kicked out
  • I left a positive review for them on Yelp after seeing great reviews and visiting them. The owner/manager messaged me to thank me for my visit.


  • Wait time


Puerto Sagua Restaurant

Phuong O.
My own photo 🙂

Website: N/A

Price Range: USD$15.00 – USD$20.00

Cuisine: Cuban

Attire: Casual | Dressy | Business Casual | Casual Elegant | Formal


  • Hands down the best Cuban food I’ve ever had
  • Amazing selection of dishes; it takes a while to get through the menu
  • Shrimp Enchiladas
  • Oxtail dishes
  • The sangria is a must get


  • Go at an odd time or the wait is pretty ridiculous

Attire standards:


  • Women: yoga pants, sweatpants, hoodies, graphic Ts, and overalls are acceptable
  • Men: sweatpants, track pants, hoodies, overalls, and graphic Ts are acceptable
  • Comfortable


  • Women: jeans, sweater, sweatshirts, and simple Ts are acceptable
  • Men: jeans, sweater, sweatshirt, and simple Ts are acceptable
  • Put together

Business Casual

  • Women: cardigans, dresses, skirts, flats, and jeans + blouse are acceptable
  • Men: jeans + dress shirts, button ups, and khakis, are acceptable
  • Dress to impress

Casual Elegant

  • Women: light jacket/blazer, heels, panty hose, blouse, dress pants, dress skirts are acceptable
  • Men: Dress pants, dress shoes, dress shirt, and jacket are acceptable
  • Sophisticated, elegant


  • Women: blazer, dress pants, formal dresses with jacket are acceptable
  • Men: Full suit, dress pants, and jacket are acceptable
  • Serious and determined



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