Haul: Sephora VIB Rouge Sale – April 2018

My favourite time of the year is the April Rouge Sale, and my second favourite time of the year, is November Rouge Sale! I was so excited about this sale that I had my cart filled up days before it started; and weeks ahead, I already mentally planned out what I NEEDED!

So here are some goodies I grabbed during the sale, along with couple more that arrived afterwards which I will mention in the end. I’ll give a brief first impression!


ABH came out with the stunning Amrezy Highlighter (which I did purchase and arrived in a different package), along with a line of bronzers. I purchased the shade Rich Amber, which is described as neutral honey and “If you’re light to medium with warm or neutral undertones, ABH recommends using Rich Amber to enhance features, and complement and warm skin tone.” (quote from Sephora’s website).

First impression of this bronzer, there is no fallout whatsoever. It is densely packed, and finely milled. I swatched it lightly and the payoff was not impressive. The shade is beautiful, but I personally prefer my bronzer to be more buttery, blendable, and buildable.


This is my second Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer, so a repurchase. I used one up completely when it came in a limited palette years ago, but afterwards I purchased my Benefit Hoola and never got around to getting this sucker again. Plus, they changed their packaging which it now looks absolutely stunning! It also smells like chocolate which…hey I can’t say no to that.

I swatched it after I swatched the ABH bronzer, and I definitely prefer this much more. It is significantly more buttery, better colour payoff, and does not feel like a light wash of bronzey stain.

Here is a photo of the comparison:

Top – ABH Bronzer; Bottom: Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer

As you can tell, the ABH looks more like a colour lightly stamped onto the skin, whereas the Too Faced just melts and blends into the skin.



A repurchase of Benefit’s Gimme Brow! I seriously love this stuff, and I can’t believe this is my 3rd one! Tinniest brow brush I’ve used that provides precision, amazing colour payoff, and hold.


Since I will be doing a ton of travelling in the next 4 months, I purchased these mini jars that are seriously perfect for travelling.


Another repurchase, but in two different shades. Restocked my Shade 4, and purchased Shade 5 for the summer. This has replaced my Diorskin Nude as my all time favourite foundation.!


I discovered The Ordinary about a year ago before they blew up, and the Vitamin C + HA was the first ever product I used from them. It works, it’s cheap, so why not buy another one?


I read the claims on Sephora about the ILA foundations, the ingredients they use and the loads of skincare benefits they provide. I was super convinced and excited when they arrived in the mail. I applied a bit to one side of my cheeks for colouring, and immediately noticed how streaky, and tacky this feels.


How can one perfect the art of makeup without a set of nice tools? Let’s be honest, not everything can be applied with your fingers. I am a huge fan of doing everything with my fingers because it just saves so much time. But at the end of the day, my bronzer needs to look bomb with the right brush, and my eyeshadow needs to be blended with the right brush as well. The handle of this set feels sturdy, and solid. The variety of this brush is also brilliant, comes with everything a starter needs. I can’t wait to use every single one of them!

Aside from all these, the ABH Amrezy Highlighter, NARS Bronzer in Casino, and another Benefit’s Hoola arrived.

I am seriously in makeup heaven now!

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