Review: Nike Air Vapormax

Price: CAD255.00/USD190.00


Where can I get it? Nike, Foot Locker


Best for those who:

  • Always on their feet walking
  • Runners

Product Range: 5/5

  • It comes in all the colours it should come in – grey, black, and white. It does have couple exciting colour here and there, and that’s pretty awesome.

Wear and Tear: 5/5

  • I have travelled with them quite a bit, worn them to the gym and hikes, and they have held up beautifully
  • The sole still looks like it’s in great condition

Product Practicality: 3/5

  • The sole is a smooth material that can be easily wiped without staining
  • Breathable and flexible top material that is suitable for anyone
  • I have been told by 3 people out of 5 people that own the show that it was uncomfortable for them. My advice is to go to the store and try it on for yourself since everyone’s feet is different!
    • For me, I swear by the comfortability
    • 2 friends said the back of the shoes press against their upper heals
    • 1 friend said she has flat feet and the sole feels weird

Other comments: 5/5

  • I think the Nike Vapormax looks amazing with so many outfits, it makes a relatively plain, sporty look seem like you actually know a lot about fashion!
  • Surprisingly, it goes so well with denim shorts!


Overall: 4.5/5

I love my Vapormax, and I would definitely consider investing in a pair of black ones. The comfortability for me is comparable to the Adidas Ultraboost, and that says a lot! I can walk in them all day and not feel a thing, and it’s definitely a blessing for my feet after walking regularly in flats.

If you are considering a pair, visit the store and try it on.

Similar Products:

  • None



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