Phoenix Edition: Top 5 Things to Do

I finally had the chance to visit Phoenix, the famous, most populous capital of Arizona. I spent about four days there, and visited numerous tourist and non tourist attractions. I did not expect myself to enjoy Phoenix so much, and it’s definitely a city that I would want to go again.


Desert Botanical Garden


Type of Attraction: Garden / Outdoor Museum

Estimated time spent: 2 – 3 hours

Estimated cost: USD20.00

Why? I don’t think there is a botanical garden that I have been to that is even comparable to this one. The fact that it is a touristy garden that is made to look and feel like you are in the desert really impressed me. It contains different sections of the various deserts, and incorporates the plantations within each section. The map and trails are extremely easy to follow, with plenty of water stations and restrooms.


Grand Canyon National Park


Type of Attraction: Park / Hiking

Estimated time spent: half day – full day

Estimated cost: USD50.00 (parking, gas, etc.)

Why? It’s the Grand Canyon, it’s one of the wonders in the world, something you need to see in your lifetime. I have always wondered, what mades Grand Canyon one of the wonders? I mean it’s just really cool mountains at the end of the day right? When you see it, you’ll know. It almost looks surreal to me, as if I was watching TV, or some sort of made up show. The view was breath taking, and I had to stop couple times during my hike to actually take in the fact that I was standing right there in front of the Canyon.


South Mountain Park (for less adventurous hikers)


Piestewa Peak (for more adventurous hikers)


Type of Attraction: Hiking Trails

Estimated time spent: 1 – 3 hours

Estimated cost: Free

Why? Both mountains are perfect for hikers who are beginners, or those who hike on a regular basis. They have paved trails, and a variety of elevations and paths to choose from. The South Mountain Park is much more paved, and simpler to follow; perfect for those who are not looking to potentially get lost or challenge oneself. The Piestewa Peak has trails as well, but when you are deeper into the mountain, the trails are less obvious and you have to remember where you came from as it gets very tempting to leave the trail and venture onto the mountains yourself. The Piestewa Peak is also paved with rock pebbles which makes it slightly harder to hike.

*Stay hydrated – there are no water stations or bathrooms along the trails.


Heard Museum


Type of Attraction: Museum

Estimated time spent: 1 – 1.5 hours

Estimated cost: USD20.00 (free if you have a child with you)

Why? A museum that got me into learning more about the Native Americans, specifically the Indians. It’s extremely informative, with stations where they play videos of interviews. It displays a range of things, from clothing, to music, to jewelry. I don’t think any museum has introduced a new concept to me so well, and it does a great job in delivering a message about the Indians. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn something new.


Tempe Marketplace

Type of Attraction: Shopping / Food

Estimated time spent: 1 – 3 hours

Estimated cost: Depends on what you buy!

Why? Near the heart of ASU, and the vibes of California + desert, Tempe Marketplace is the perfect to do some shopping and eating while enjoying the perfect Arizona weather. You got yourself Target, Ulta Beauty, Dave and Buster’s, Nordstrom Rack, Pet Smart, and a ton of nice patio bars. I’d say is a romantic place at night, and a fun, shopping experience during the day.



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